Selasa, 25 Februari 2014

2013 Bali; Finn's beach club, Flapjacks, Uluwatu Temple

Bali trip First week of Jul 2013

A place that very suitable to lay your back and let the time goes by, finn's beach club located at Ungasan Bali.
There are several umbrellas and pool chairs that ordered nicely facing the beach.
The most convenience thing that Finn's has is, they provide a decent WIFI network for you to connect to the internet.
The other thing that I like is the variety of food that provided, my favourite is Finn's pizza

You can hide under the shade of "clamp like" sofa 

Or if you want more privacy, you can go upstair and sit at the balcony

Moved to another place Kuta Beach Flapjack, this orange gelato from flapjack is the one that I must not forgot to eat, 
More driving to Uluwatu Temple
Watch the legendary tari kecak dance, that tell story about "Hanoman", while you can enjoy the sunset in the horizon.
Uluwatu temple is located on the edge of a cliff, that directly goes to the ocean. Therefore, no obstacle that onstruct you from seeing the sun swallowed by the ocean

On the Hanoman story, the white monkey(hanoman) is burn down by the evil, but because Hanoman is not an ordinary monkey, fire cannot burn him down, and he continue to chase down the bad guy, the most entertaining things is that, Hanoman will blend with the spectator, and hanoman will "rascally" played with any spectator that he want.

This is the "rascal" Hanoman the white one :P

Thank you, hope this help :)

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