Selasa, 25 Februari 2014

Yogya Trip 2013; Mirota Cabaret Show, Kukup, Drini Beach

The famous Mirota Batik at Malioboro street in Yogyakarta, hide an entertaining show that held in the night at 3rd floor of mirota batik, it's called Oyot Godhong Mirota Cabaret show, that a ladyboy sing and dance, resemble several local and international artist. 

I must give them a stand up applause, because they are showed us what is hardwork, talent and practice meaning, that reflected to every gesture that they do. 

This one is resemble Rossa "famous indonesian singer"

This one I don't know whom she were imitating

Nicky Minaj replica, and she dance like she was the real one

Below is cabaret artist that resemble korean artist, she performed a backflip and power dance

youtube channel 27augusta27

I endorse to whom that seek for real entertainment to come and watch their show.
Next morning
Wandered from beach to beach; baron, kukup, drini
In baron we only park the car, look around around 5 minutes and go away far from that superrrr crowded place, then we hit Kukup beach. Indifference with Baron beach, Kukup beach was more likely an amusement park, the place was not well organized and there were so many sea animals that sold as souvenirs, I hope no one will bought them. The reason is "there is no purpose for you to have them as pet"?, I'm very sure not more than 3-days the animal that you bought was already passed away, and their soul will haunt you :)).
The other things that, this several beach visitor was too much, personally I prefer solitary place rather than crowded beach like kukup, and also as consequence to high number of visitor, the garbage pilled up and was not taken care.

I thought Drini beach is where the location of below photo,

Personally I prefer this beach, because there were very limited visitor that came to this beach, result from the distance that needed to go through. Usually the person whom goes to this beach was a fisherman Thank you, hope this help

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