Senin, 10 Maret 2014

Peucang Island Trip 2012

This was our trip to Peucang Island that I already published in
However, below are several pictures that not yet shown in above blog.

Below was the boat that we used to cross the sea from northwest edge of Java Island to reach Peucang Island. Sorry for mineral water product, I need to blur your logo, but if you want to sponsored our trip, we can make a deal :P. hahahahaha kidding.

Bowo at stern of boat, blue sea clear sky, there were no pollution nor traffic jam :)

Our group was more than 10 persons joined this trip. The weather was very friendly to us, water calm and sun bright shining above us.

This was how Peucang Island sand, pure white. I'm sure that, from several island that I already seen, this was the most white sand that I ever saw.

The sand was so soft, because there are still a few people that know this place. In the other hand, I hope my publishes of this place will not make this island crowded or litterer. My purpose is to share the beauty of Indonesia archipelago.

Please..please...please, whoever that came to this place never ever thrash out anything to the sea nor to the land. If you have garbage, populate it at one bag, and bring it to exact thrash bin. I mean, if at the island you don't found any thrash bin, then it is your obligation to bring it back crossing the sea, add it to your weight, and put them at thrash bin that located in the city or even at your house.

Below photo was how clear the underwater at Peucang Island.

You can relax under dense tree that very near to shore/ beach line

Adit was enjoying morning snorkling

Video of our trip at peucang island, compromise of trekking to Karang Copong, snorkelling and how was the homestay look like.

Hope this has benefit for you, and in future if you search for destination of great island, Peucang Island is one that needed to included in that list :). Thanks

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