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De Pendopo, Warung Heru, Oyot Godhong Mirota, Kalimilk, Yogyakarta, April 2014

April 2014 - Yogyakarta

Saturday night was time for Oyot Godhong Cabaret show, that held on 3rd floor of Mirota Batik, Famous Jogjakartan Souvenirs. Paid for Rp.20.000,-/person, you can enjoy entertaining show and also order some snacks when watching the show.

Best Place to watch, at center of 2nd floor of cafe

View from our desk

Opening Traditional Dance

First show, Anggun C. Sasmi  but of course Oyot Godhong Version :)

I don't know the name, but she was singing Stasiun Balapan Song

Don't know the name also, but she performed as Malaysian Idol Winners

Performed as Krisdayanti 

Singing Aqua - Barbie Girl

Anggun C Sasmi again

After the show we went to Warung Heru for dinner, near our stay at prawirotaman street

Gado - gado, foreigner portion, it was to much for me

This was De Pendopo, place for our stay at jogja, there were no car park, only motorcycle can enter the place

That was why this place called De Pendopo, because there were a Pendopo or Center open air room that can be used for all Visitors

How the room looks like

Cool mirror that located in bathroom of De Pendopo

Before we leave Yogya, we went to kalimilk, to enjoy their specialties: MILK, yap, all milk with different taste, Mango, Strawberry, Apple, you name it

They provide some boot for taking picture at kalimil

Melon Milk with "risoles" (I don't know what it called in English) 
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