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2014 Yogyakarta - Gembira Loka Zoo

3 April 2014 - Gembira Loka Zoo
After landed at Jogja Airport at 7 AM, we rode our rented bike to Gembira Loka Zoo
The sun bright and little stingy, we rode around 20minutes to reach Gembira Loka Zoo, thanks to google maps :)

Photo at the entrance path, the entrance ticket was Rp.20.000,-/person

After gone through a downward stair, there are a boat like restaurant on the center of the zoo

Walked a little bit, we reached the "kolam sentuh" to touch small golden or koi fish? 

Arapaima, a huge sized fish

If you tired of walking, you can ride a "TaRing" Transport Keliling, that go round the zoo and stop in several stops, there were 2 tipes of ticket, first was unlimited stops for Rp.20.000,-, second was 1(one) stop only for Rp.5000

We decide to stopped at Bird Park. The zoo was very well organized and clean, there were no litter or trash laying around

The ratio between each eagle species.

Bird Park Entrance

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Colorful bird that like to fly from side to side, when people goes in.

After go round the bird park, there were a show that held every 11AM at center stage, that showed a bear, kakatua bird and many other animal, their talent, it is quite funny and entertaining 

Rode to our stay at Jogja city center

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