Senin, 07 April 2014

Sempu Malang, Batu Night Festival, Jatim Park II

Sempu Malang 2014 Trip

I'd like to share our trip to Batu Malang and also Sempu Island

Firstly about Sempu Island, we start our trip from Jakarta by train at Gambir and Malang Kotabaru Station is the destination, it took almost 14 hours started at 07.00 PM. However, in normal time, it should end at 11-12 hours.

We start the day by took breakfast at Nasi Rawon cart in front of exit gate of Kotabaru station. You need to take a breakfast before go to Sempu Island. Why? The reason is you need to trekking through the jungle for almost 2 hours before reach Segara Anakan or Panjang Beach. Our destination is Panjang Beach, Segara Anakan were crowded by people and the Lake condition is not as good as the first time it founded. Thanks to sevenheavencamp that lead us and take a good care of us while camping at Panjang Beach.

Boat ride was needed to cross Sendang Biru Beach before land at Sempu Island, then start to walk. Brace our self, the load at our back are heavy because each person need to bring 2 litre drinking water.

Below picture was a secret beach that sevenheaven told us, it was very hard to reach, you need good physical condition and spirit to undergo the obstacle that facing along the way. There were a steep cliff that needed to be passed. be continue...

Video of our trip

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