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April 2014 Taman Lampion (Taman Pelangi) Monumen Jogja Kembali

April 2014 - Yogyakarta Hadiningrat

After gone to Gembira Loka Zoo, next day our plan was visited Taman Lampion or Taman Pelangi or Monumen Jogja Kembali, that had a Lampion Character glowing in beautifully at night

Take a picture in front of our stay De Pendopo

Before went to Monumen Jogja Kembali, we had a lunch at Via Via Cafe - Western Cuisine mix with Indonesian Food, several "bule" tend to ordered an Vegetable Indonesian Food, rather than Burger or other western style food.

Via Via cafe
But because we are Indonesian, we order western food. All day we already enjoy eating Indonesian food :P

Pasta with green sauce (forgot the name)

Burger with fries 7/10 points

Banana Pancake
After refueling with food, we continue our way to reach Taman Lampion
Up up and away

It says " Hero that killed in action when war in Wehrkreise II"

it should shown a love sign hahahaha

This was monumen jogja kembali, you can go inside to see a musem diorama of war in jogja

Waiting the sunset and the lampion show will started

The lampion park had shown it form, colorful character and an entertaining park

Band of cat, ant, buffalo 

White horse

Butterfly on the top of flower

Blue flower

Couple of white horse

Green, Purple and Red Tree

Coming to Korean area

Lantern Park Loggo

Korean Area

Diorama of Korean Town

Snowy zone

After finished playing at taman lampion, we rode to Kopi Oey (just use your google maps to find it). This Cafe was owned by Bondan Winarno, a culinary expert in Indonesia, that famous by it slogan "maknyusss" 

Ginger Tea, with gula batu

Thai tea with Roti Bakar

Kopi Oey Menu

Fish and Chips

Plecing Kangkung
Full of stomach consequently make sleepy.....that a wrap up for that day

Thanks for reading, hope it beneficially for you :)

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