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Tata Cara Klaim Garansi GoPro Gratis 2017 (via chat)

Tulisan yang lebih update (2018) ada di bawah

28 Desember 2017

Step nya
1. Buka https://gopro.com/help/ContactUs

Perlu di ketahui kalau waktu di indo itu GMT+7 dan Waktu di US/Los Angeles itu GMT-8, jadi US terlambat 15 jam dari Indonesia. Seperti waktu kerja di gambar atas, chat jika Sabtu-Minggu di US, Berarti Minggu-Senin di Indo mulai lah chat diatas jam 10 malam.

Jika Selasa-Sabtu di Indo mulai lah chat jam 9 malam sampai jam 9 pagi.

Kalau Bingung ga tau mau chat apa bisa jadi referensi chat salah satu customer saya dibawah.

Langkah selanjutnya bisa diliat di link untuk ini untuk pengiriman dan stiker2 UPS, tenang aja GoPro nya bakal dijemput ama UPS/rekanan

Chat Sesi Pertama

Chat Started: Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 12:42:00 (+1200)
Chat Origin: English Tech - Auckland
Agent A***ar R
( 10m 51s ) A**ar.: My name is A**ar. How can I help you?
( 11m 13s ) Visitor: Hi A**ar
( 11m 43s ) Visitor: I'm L**fi from Indonesian get problem on Gopro Hero 5 Black
( 12m 44s ) A**ar.: I am sorry to hear that, I will be happy to assist you further.
( 13m 37s ) A**ar.: Can you please let me know the issue that you face with the camera.
( 14m 17s ) Visitor: my gopro can't turn on
( 15m 52s ) A**ar.: I am sorry to hear that. Do you have camera with you so that we can do some troubleshooting with it?
( 17m 37s ) A**ar.: Do you have the camera with you ?
( 18m 20s ) Visitor: yes, i have
( 20m 0s ) A**ar.: What happens when you connect the camera to power is there any red light on the camera?
( 22m 46s ) Visitor: after i pressed the camera power button did not work
( 23m 4s ) Visitor: the camera remains off
( 23m 50s ) A**ar.: I will be sending you email with some troubleshooting steps to try. Please try them and let us know how it goes.
( 24m 30s ) Visitor: my email iman.****@gmail.com
( 24m 48s ) A**ar.: I have send you email, Please try the troubleshooting steps and let us know how it goes.
( 36m 22s ) A**ar.: We would request you to contact us through email once you have done the troubleshooting steps.
( 36m 28s ) A**ar.: Thank you for contacting GoPro! Have a nice day.

Chat Sesi Kedua

Sama kayak langkah diatas, bedanya harus centang "I want to discuss an existing case" dan input case numbernya liat di email yang kamu terima seperti chat diatas

Chat Started: Monday, August 28, 2017, 18:49:22 (-0700)
Chat Origin: English Tech - Auckland
Agent K***ha F
( 1m 10s ) K***ha: My name is K***ha. How can I help you?
( 1m 31s ) Visitor: Hello K***ha
( 2m 0s ) K***ha: Hi I**n.
( 2m 19s ) Visitor: previous iam chat with 
( 2m 55s ) Visitor: A**ar get step from my email
( 2m 57s ) Visitor: Hi I**n, Please follow these instructions to get the HERO5 Black to power on again: Disconnect the camera from any external power source and remove SD card. Remove and reinsert battery. Press the Mode Button to see if the camera responds (look for LED illumination, beeps, or a response from the camera’s screens). If there's no response, attempt to reset camera by pressing and holding the Mode Button for 8-10 seconds. After releasing the button, leave the camera alone for ≈5 seconds and attempt to get a response from the camera by pressing the Mode Button. If still unable to get any sign of life from camera, connect to a 5V 2A wall charger (5V 1A minimum) using the GoPro USB Type-C cable, look for red LED illumination to indicate charging. NOTE: In a pinch, you can use a computer USB port, but we do not recommend using a multi-port USB hub when trying to charge the camera. If the red illumination LED does not appear, try using a secondary USB Type-C cable. If/when red LEDs illuminate, allow camera to remain charging for a few minutes. Remove the camera from charging source and attempt to get a response from the camera by pressing the Mode Button. If provided with a response, allow camera to turn back off, insert the SD card and wait ≈5 seconds, then attempt to record a sample video. I hope that helps!
( 3m 45s ) Visitor: I try the first step can not keep the camera dead, i try to charge still no response. I try to connect to the laptop still no respons, i use the original charge always. I've followed all the steps you gave but nothing works.
( 4m 52s ) K***ha: I am sorry about all the trouble.
( 5m 13s ) K***ha: Let me take a look on this case and the records so that I can further help out.
( 5m 45s ) K***ha: Would you like you speak back with 
A**ar  or can I help you out instead?
( 6m 44s ) Visitor: on my email A**ar not replying my email
( 7m 10s ) Visitor: can you help me my problem?
( 7m 33s ) K***ha: I'll be happy to help out.
( 7m 47s ) K***ha: I would just need to ask a few minutes while I try to check on the records.
( 7m 54s ) K***ha: Kindly bear with me.
( 18m 58s ) K***ha: Thanks for waiting, I**n.
( 19m 15s ) K***ha: About the steps, you said you tried all but camera still would not power on, is that correct?
( 21m 48s ) Visitor: yes, thats right K***ha
( 22m 14s ) Visitor: do you have other solution?
( 22m 54s ) K***ha: Have you tried taking out the SD card and battery from the camera then plugging the camera in the computer?
( 23m 19s ) K***ha: Then once plugged in, press the power button once and see if there will be any LED lights and beeping sounds.
( 25m 49s ) Visitor: after I plug into the computer still no response no led and no sound
( 26m 11s ) K***ha: Even after attempting to power on the camera while plugged in?
( 27m 1s ) Visitor: Yes, no response at all
( 29m 0s ) K***ha: Alright then, if that is the case, then it's possible that we would need to replace the camera unit.
( 29m 50s ) K***ha: We can process a replacement under warranty.
( 30m 17s ) K***ha: To get this started, can you help me with the camera's serial number?
( 30m 21s ) Visitor: how to change camera unit?
( 31m 37s ) Visitor: C316132561****
( 31m 58s ) K***ha: Thank you.
( 33m 13s ) Visitor: number warranty H5-1610-100 0****
( 34m 33s ) Visitor: moreover what I need will be included to explain to you
( 35m 5s ) K***ha: Just processing the RMA (return authorization) now so that you can send the faulty camera back to us and we then ship you the new replacement camera.
( 35m 25s ) K***ha: Can you also send us a copy of your purchase receipt?
( 37m 2s ) Visitor: receipt send in email or?
( 37m 42s ) Visitor: i buy from 
bukalapak.com i can send my receipt to email?
( 38m 28s ) K***ha: Yes, you may reply to the email A**ar sent you.
( 39m 41s ) K***ha: Just tell me if you already sent it.
( 39m 43s ) K***ha: Thanks.
( 41m 23s ) Visitor: check my reply on A**ar please
( 41m 42s ) Visitor: I already sent the receipt of my gopro
( 42m 37s ) K***ha: Thank you.
( 42m 40s ) K***ha: Hold on.
( 46m 29s ) K***ha: Alright, thanks, I got the receipt now.
( 46m 50s ) K***ha: Just one last thing for me to request the return authorization/RMA.
( 47m 53s ) K***ha: Can you click the link below to update shipping details:
( 47m 56s ) K***ha: 
( 51m 3s ) K***ha: Are you still there, I**n?
( 51m 19s ) Visitor: yes K***ha
( 51m 57s ) Visitor: state/provice no choice can you help me
( 54m 4s ) K***ha: Oh, hold on.
( 54m 37s ) Visitor: I have all my contents except state province
( 55m 3s ) K***ha: Can you just post your address here and I will just enter it in my system manually.
( 55m 6s ) K***ha: 

Street Address 
State or Province 
Postal code 
Phone number
( 55m 23s ) K***ha: Post it in that format, please. Thank you!
( 58m 46s ) Visitor: Name : I**n  Street Address :
Jalan ********** Kec. Pasar Minggu, Kota/Kab. Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta, Indonesia 12560 Telepon/Handphone: City : Jakarta Timur State or Province : DKI Jakarta Postal code : 13810 Country : Indonesia Phone number : +62821138*****
( 59m 9s ) Visitor: Name : I**n ********
( 59m 35s ) Visitor: Street Address :
Jalan ******** 12560 Kec. Pasar Minggu, Kota/Kab. Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta, Indonesi
( 59m 45s ) Visitor: City : Jakarta Timur 
( 59m 50s ) Visitor: State or Province : DKI Jakarta 
( 1h 0m 6s ) Visitor: Postal code : 12560
( 1h 0m 13s ) Visitor: Country : Indonesia
( 1h 0m 21s ) Visitor: Phone number : 
( 1h 1m 14s ) K***ha: Sorry, can you confirm the street address one more time?
( 1h 2m 3s ) Visitor: Street Address :
Jalan ********
( 1h 2m 20s ) Visitor: City : Jakarta Selatan
( 1h 6m 11s ) K***ha: I have already submitted the request and is just waiting for the RMA to be generated so that you will get the emails for the RMA document and instructions on sending the camera back to us.
( 1h 9m 26s ) Visitor: Yes, i got the email return the camera
( 1h 9m 48s ) Visitor: What is the next step?.
( 1h 10m 56s ) K***ha: Okay. So just follow the instructions on sending the camera back to us.
( 1h 11m 17s ) K***ha: Once we receive the faulty camera, we then ship out the replacement.
( 1h 11m 36s ) K***ha: Did you receive the instruction email already?
( 1h 12m 38s ) Visitor: Yes, i have email.
( 1h 13m 36s ) Visitor: through what expedition I am sending this camera
( 1h 13m 38s ) K***ha: Perfect!
( 1h 13m 47s ) K***ha: Am I able to help you with anything else though?
( 1h 14m 41s ) Visitor: Yes
( 1h 15m 46s ) K***ha: What other help do you need though?
( 1h 17m 38s ) K***ha: You still there, I**n?
( 1h 17m 47s ) K***ha: We should be okay now.
( 1h 19m 28s ) Visitor: How I send this camera to you?
( 1h 19m 42s ) Visitor: via DHL or else?
( 1h 20m 14s ) K***ha: In the email that was sent to you, there is a link where you can get a prepaid label.
( 1h 20m 51s ) K***ha: In that way you can send it to the address in the email together with the camera unit without the battery and any other accessories, boxed.
( 1h 21m 47s ) K***ha: Then include the RMA document that was emailed to you as well.
( 1h 22m 6s ) K***ha: Do you need any other clarification though?
( 1h 23m 24s ) Visitor: 
https://gopro.upsrow.com/post.php is this link that i have fill out?
( 1h 23m 30s ) K***ha: Correct.
( 1h 25m 8s ) Visitor: I have fill out column company?
( 1h 25m 30s ) K***ha: Just put GoPro.
( 1h 29m 58s ) Visitor: Where i can get the RMA Document?
( 1h 31m 0s ) Visitor: Because the email says that i have to including the RMA Document in the packages.
( 1h 31m 56s ) K***ha: There's a separate email that has the RMA document in it.
( 1h 32m 51s ) K***ha: It should be the one with the Subject: GoPro: Return Auth. #RMA-NL91***
( 1h 32m 57s ) Visitor: Yes, Got it

( 1h 33m 6s ) K***ha: Alright, no worries.
( 1h 33m 32s ) K***ha: Do you need to clarify anything else on the process or are we good?
( 1h 34m 44s ) Visitor: After that i get from email UPS Delivery next step i can do?
( 1h 35m 15s ) K***ha: After you have sent your faulty camera away, you will be notified through email regarding the shipment of your replacement.
( 1h 35m 37s ) K***ha: We just need to receive the camera you are sending first, then we ship the new camera to you.
( 1h 36m 56s ) K***ha: Are we all good now?
( 1h 37m 44s ) Visitor: I am not understand how to send the camera, with what expedition services ?
( 1h 38m 18s ) K***ha: Through UPS, using the prepaid return shipping label that you generated, I**n.
( 1h 41m 33s ) K***ha: After you generate the UPS label through the link that we gave you, you will receive an email with instructions with the courier.
( 1h 45m 2s ) K***ha: Do you still need any more help or clarification?
( 1h 45m 52s ) Visitor: No, this is enough, Thanks a bunch.
( 1h 46m 3s ) K***ha: No worries, I**n.
( 1h 46m 7s ) K***ha: Glad to be of help.
( 1h 46m 34s ) K***ha: If in case you need anything else, please do not hesitate to chat us back and we're more than willing to help.
( 1h 47m 51s ) K***ha: Thank you for your time, I**n.
( 1h 48m 6s ) K***ha: I will now have this chat session closed. Have a good day!


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