Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2021

PostgreSQL Cari text tanpa peduli besar kecil dan posisi


  • Select the title and description columns from the film table.
  • Perform a full-text search on the title column for the word elf.
-- Select the title and description
SELECT title, description
FROM film
-- Convert the title to a tsvector and match it against the tsquery 
WHERE to_tsvector(title) @@ to_tsquery('elf');

GHOSTBUSTERS ELFA Thoughtful Epistle of a Dog And a Feminist who must Chase a Composer in Berlin
ELF MURDERA Action-Packed Story of a Frisbee And a Woman who must Reach a Girl in An Abandoned Mine Shaft
ENCINO ELFA Astounding Drama of a Feminist And a Teacher who must Confront a Husband in A Baloon

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